Surface & Land Surveying

ting tache surveying, contouring, profiling and levelling.
• Drone Surveys for Topographical Surveys info and updating of Surface plans

Open Cast Mining

General Surveying, cut and fill calculations, mine plans with sector and volume calculations rehabilitation plans including slope parameters.

Underground Mining

All underground surveys including gyro and chek surveys

NB: We are also assisting mining house with all Legal aspect of MHSA 17(2).A &B of Certificated Surveyors appointments.

Our Services

  • Underground Gyro Surveys
  • General Surface Surveys- Stockpiles ,Tachy and Road Surveys
  • Underground 3D -Scanning Surveys
  • Underground & Surface Drone Surveys with Licenced Pilots
  • Legal appointments under Chapter 17 of MHSA for Quarries, Underground and Open cast Operations
  • GPR Surveys for Underground Scanning of Services
  • Draughting of Prescribed Mine Plans as per DMR requirements.
  • Designing of Engineering Drawings as per required layouts or designs.
  • General underground surveys with reputable surveyors in the house